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This company is characterised by the provision of a service with personalized and immediate assistance to each of our clients, offering competitive prices on the market, competing with quality of service; with the commitment and responsibility of a task force made up of highly qualified professionals in the areas of customs and tax administration, public accounting, business administration, customs clearance, logistics of transport and security, among others.


Provide a service based on quality and customer´s satisfaction and needs for each one of they. Also, to expand our horizons through strategic alliances which contribute to providing a full service of agency, storage and transportation whom cares for the effectiveness and efficiency of the process in each of its phases, always framed within the scope of our organizational value.


Being a company established and recognized in national and international market for providing quality and speed in the provision of an integral service, of agency, advisory, storage and transportation of goods, based on customer´s satisfaction, competitive pricing in the market, profitable for the growth of our users and our Company. Featuring of talent of personal highly qualified, committed and identified with the organization and its customer welfare values and the continuous professional and personal growth.


In terms of growth and continued development of our organization we offer our customers a quality service based on customer satisfaction in:

  • Legal formalities and carry on all the customer operations accord the current legal (Import, export, and transit).
  • Advisory in scope technical and legal on international trade and permitting procedures for import and export. Advisory tax, and relevant legal.
  • Transportation of goods throughout the national territory.
  • Clearance of exports.
  • Storage of goods through trade links with reputable organizations, made accord the current legal.
  • Integrated logistics for filling, emptying, decanted, and shipment.
  • Formalities of “In Boud”, Re export, temporary admission for inward processing (ATPA), Temporary Admission for outward (PPTA), among others.

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